• Control Charts; A last resort control system.

    Control charts are the most difficult of the seven basic quality tools to use. They are seldom the method of choice. When a process step is important, we would prefer that the step not vary at all. ONLY when this can not be accomplished in an economical way does one choose to use a control chart.


Professional Six Sigma Training,
Coaching and Support:

Provides you with Professional Six Sigma Training, Coaching and Support to fit your needs. Training developed by the author of  “The Six Sigma Handbook“, Thomas Pyzdek. The Six Sigma Handbook is used by thousands of organizations, companies and universities around the world as their standard reference for Six Sigma. Coaching and Support tailored to fit your needs and budget by Peter Bersbach. Peter Bersbach is a  Master Black Belt with close to 40 years of experience. He has tailored his coaching and support of the Pyzdek Institute’s material to give you choices that will fit your needs. When you obtain your training and certification from us, you can be sure that it will be recognized by virtually any employer, anywhere.

Online Training

In our Online training Thomas Pyzdek delivers the presentations while Master Black Belt Peter Bersbach provides added value through tailored coaching and support to meet your personal needs. Tailored options such as no coaching or support; assignment reviews; quiz reviews; full coaching support on 10 lessons of your choice; or taking full coaching support on all lessons during your training.

Classroom Training

In our classroom training Master Black Belt Peter Bersbach will come to your location and deliver the Pyzdek Institutes Six Sigma Training materials to you in a classroom environment. This delivery can be all at once or spread over several month so that it is delivered just-in-time with the project you are working on for certification.