A word on Six Sigma Coaching:

To obtain process excellence using Six Sigma takes more than training it also takes coaching! If there is no Six Sigma Black Belt on staff, we recommend companies embracing the Six Sigma approach to process excellence also plan for the expense and time to engage a Six Sigma Black Belt Coach. Experience has shown that first timers without a Six Sigma Black Belt Coach for support have a significantly lower success rate making process improvements “stick”. Significant enough that Six Sigma Coaching support pays for itself in success. An experienced Six Sigma Coach helps in understanding how to apply what you have learned in the Six Sigma training to your specific process improvement project.

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We provide several Six Sigma Coaching options to support you with your training and implementation of Six Sigma within your organization:

Coaching for Pyzdek Institutes Six Sigma Leadership Training:


This coaching is available by a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, to help you implement your Six Sigma process excellence program. This option costs $990 for one month of coaching per company (~2 hours per week for 4 weeks).

Leadership Coaching: $990.00 USD

Coaching for Pyzdek Institutes Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training:

Tailored to support your needs, we have coaching for Pyzdek Institutes Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training. This coaching is available by Peter Bersbach, a Master Black Belt, to help through the training with reviews of assignment and quizzes and office hours to discuss material in the course.


Six Sigma Project Coaching:

This coaching is available by a Master Black Belt to support you through your first Green Belt or Black Belt Six Sigma project. This option costs $1990 for six months of coaching per company project (~1hr/ wk for 6 months).

Affiliate Discount on Project Coaching

Here at Bersbach Consulting we are an affiliate of the Pyzdek Institute and offer the accredited Pyzdek Institute Six Sigma Training with several different coaching options. As an affiliate we get a discount on the training which we pass on to our customers with a coaching option discount. To get your training and coaching at the best price possible you must:

  1. Purchase your training through the affiliate link
  2. Return here and using the Discount codes below purchase your coaching options:
Coaching Option Discount Discount Code*
 Full Coaching 20% afffu
*Discount codes are put in on Google checkout page. Discounts will be checked before accepting and will be rejected if you are not an affiliate student.


Project Coaching: $1990 USD