Comments from Past Students


I have had several students wanting to put comments about their training on my website. So this page, started on 7/6/2015, is dedicated to my students from the Pyzdek Institute. If you are a student of mine and would like to add your comments go to the “Contact Us” page and send me you comments:


I liked the format of this on-line course. The video “”lectures”” were great. Concise yet thorough. The assignments made a big difference. If I had not done the assignments, I would have left with an incomplete understanding of the subject matter. The fact that Peter also held me to a high standard was important. The mini lectures on various topics using Minitab and Excel, for example, were also very helpful. They saved me a lot time yet pointed me to the right location in the application. I did get stumped on the modules dealing with distributions. It took a couple of weeks (!) to feel comfortable with that subject. 1/26/2012 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Student

I embarked on the journey to get my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt a little circumspect because I knew it was heavily statistics-based and the only grades lower than A I received in undergrad and graduate school were Bs in math-related courses. I chose The Pyzdek Institute because of its founder’s reputation, Thomas Pyzdek. One of my friends compared it to the “Harvard of Six Sigma”, and my experience exceeded my exceptions. The course was easy to understand, and the book was written for a novice.  I had some problems with MiniTab, however, the tutoring I received from one of the Institute’s Master Black Belts, Peter Bersbach, was great and helped me a lot. I highly recommend the Pyzdek Institute and Mr. Bersbach’s tutoring abilities to future students.  – 7/3/2015 C. Pavel (Coached [tutoring]) 

I want to thank you for your assistance and guidance during my Black Belt training. Your knowledge was very much appreciated and informative. It allowed me to focus on the training at hand and to look at the information from another perspective. My LSS Black Belt Certification is your accomplishment as well, we completed the course as a supportive team and I really thank you for that. – 2/25/2017 C.R. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Student

I want to thank you and your team of Master Black Belts for your assistance and guidance during my Black Belt training. I want to recognize Mr. Bersbach for his assistance and guidance during my Black Belt training. I also want to recognize Mr. Rivera for his assistance with extending my training and the issues I had with the exam disconnects and testing. I hope that everyone was satisfied with my project content and if there are any other question concerning the project or feedback to it please have them contact me. I want to add, completing this training on a part time bases was time consuming but worth the results of my education and project completion. – 2/26/2017 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Student