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Bersbach Consulting strongly believes in bring you the highest quality Six Sigma training, coaching and consulting tailored to meet your needs. We strongly believe you can not get better Six Sigma Training anywhere else. Our Online training is given by the world renowned author Thomas Pyzdek. With that and our tailored coaching by Pyzdek Institute certified Master Black Belts during the training creates a win-win program for you. If you are here because you did not see an option that met your needs then by all means contact us so we can work with you to help you achieve the goals you have set. You will find us very flexible at providing our services to make sure you are successful. We look at our prices not as a cost but an investment that will repay itself several times over.

If you are contacting us because you want to take one of the classroom training sessions as a public class please make sure you inform us of which class and how to contact you. Spread the word as well that may get the public class started sooner than just waiting.

If you want to talk but it is long distance than leave a message with your phone number and the best time (and time zone you are in) to call you and I will call you at that time. International calls are not a problem for me so I will call you even if you are overseas. Our business hours are 9am-11am 1pm-4pm MST Monday thru Friday. But, we know we have interest from around the world, so if you leave a message we will get back to you during the next business day.

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