Pyzdek Institutes Training Best Quality Program

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The training we use at Bersbach Institute, at no additional cost to you, is found as the best quality program by World Class Manufacturing (WCM).

Plus when you add the coaching option Bersbach Consulting offers, especially with the Affiliate discount, you really have a great training program.

Six Sigma Certification Cost Comparison.

Affiliate Discount on Coaching

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Affiliate Discount on Coaching

Here at Bersbach Consulting we are an affiliate of the Pyzdek Institute and offer the accredited Pyzdek Institute Six Sigma Training with several different coaching options. As an affiliate we get a discount on the training which we pass on to our customers with a coaching option discount. To get your training and coaching at the best price possible you must:

  1. Purchase your training through the affiliate link
  2. Return here and using the Discount codes below purchase your coaching options:
Coaching Option Discount Discount Code*
1. Email Review of Assignments 35% affas
2. Email review of quizzes 35% affqu
3. Full Coaching on 10 lessons 75% aff10
4. Full Coaching 20% afffu
*Discount codes are put in on Google checkout page. Discounts will be checked before accepting and will be rejected if you are not an affiliate student.