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Peter Bersbach

I am a results oriented Master Black Belt with significant (over 40 years) “Drop in” experience in managing and execution of Six Sigma projects and programs. Major strengths in: statistical techniques, lean application, Critical Chain project, teaching and facilitation skills, listening, and working with diverse teams.

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Career Highlights:

Have currently instructed over 650 student world wide in Lean Six Sigma and have 100- 200 student currently engaged in courses.

Saved a “Bleeding” Division – Key member of the Raytheon Six Sigma team responsible for analyzing the business and developing an effective improvement plan fast. He lead the team in their worst area, composites, where we reduced the defective rate from 100% to 25% stop the divisions bleeding.

Created step function solutions to customer needs – Developed and facilitated a process around design for Six Sigma that immersed design teams into an environment to achieve novel, non linear, and relevant solutions to war fighter needs that lead to a 95% success rate on these designs. Each contract was worth several million dollars.

Saving of a sole source supplier of the Defense Industry from bankruptcy – Lead a Six Sigma team responsible for analyzing the business and developed an effective improvement plan at a key defense industry. Where we reduced the press setup time through process characterization, by 99% (from 12 hours to 15mins). This started a series of successes that now has the company turning profits.

Improved a Green Belt Program to achieve significantly better results – Responsible for designing and implementing a results based Green Belt program that was having a certification rate of less than 50% to one of 75% (3000 Cert. Green Belts) returning to the company with results of over $20M annually.

Blending High Tech with High Rate – Developed an highly effective minimal inspection Quality System for a startup subsidiary that was combining High tech products on high rate manufacturing lines. Results:

97% suppliers shipping Dock to Stock

Fix Cost Pricing for our Customers

Quality issues less than 2% with a response and correction within 24hrs.


Pyzdek Institute certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Raytheon certified Six Sigma Expert (Black Belt)

Raytheon certified Specialist (Green Belt)

American Society for Quality certified Quality Engineer #09510 (Retired)

American Society for Quality certified Quality Manager #02478 (Retired)

American Society for Quality Senior member (Retired)